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As someone who has worked in the medical device discovery and development field for years, I am excited to propose a talk on this topic. Medical device development is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires a deep understanding of the medical industry and the ability to navigate regulatory hurdles and develop innovative solutions.

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In my talk, I plan to share insights and best practices from my experience in this field, as well as cutting-edge research and case studies from other experts in the industry. Some of the key topics I will cover include:

  • The current state of the medical device industry

  • Key challenges facing medical device developers today
  • Strategies for navigating regulatory hurdles and ensuring compliance
  • Best practices for developing innovative medical device solutions
  • Case studies of successful medical device development projects

My mission is empowering others to tackle medical device discovery and development’s challenging but gratifying work. With the right tools, knowledge, and support, we can continue to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes worldwide. Start your medical device journey by contacting me today!


Expanding Access
to Biotechnology &
Bioscience Careers

It is no secret that the future of biotechnology and bioscience depends heavily on the upcoming generation of scientists, researchers, and innovators. Unfortunately, statistics show that many young people need to be aware of the vast array of opportunities and career paths available in these fields. Moreover, many are intimidated by the perceived complexity of the work and an inadequate understanding of the required knowledge, skills, and aptitude for success.

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During my talk, I intend to share actionable strategies for engaging and inspiring young people to consider careers in biotechnology and bioscience. These tactics will include a deep dive into the latest advancements and breakthroughs in candidate preparedness and exploring the various career paths available to those interested in pursuing these disciplines. I will also provide a comprehensive list of resources for mentorship and education to ensure that aspiring young professionals have the support they need to succeed.

By empowering and encouraging today’s youth to pursue careers in biotechnology and bioscience, we will ensure a bright and prosperous future for these industries. I am eager to share my ideas and engage in a meaningful discussion with each of you about the potential impact of this approach. Contact me today!


21st Century

As we navigate through a rapidly changing world, we must have authentic, genuine, and transparent leaders. Organizations and individuals need actionable insights and strategies to cultivate a culture of authenticity and natural leadership at all levels.

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In my talk, I will explore the characteristics of authentic leaders and how they can positively impact organizations and individuals. Authentic leaders have strong self-awareness and can stay true to their values and beliefs, even in challenging situations. They are transparent and honest with their team members and listen actively to their feedback and ideas. Authentic leaders also prioritize the development of their team members, empowering them to take ownership of their work and contribute to the organization’s success.

In the 21st century, authenticity is becoming increasingly important as people seek genuine connections and meaning in their work. Studies have shown that employees who work under authentic leaders have higher job satisfaction and engagement, leading to increased productivity and positive outcomes for the organization. Start your company on a successful path by contacting me today!


Innovation Clusters

As we all know, innovation is the driving force behind progress and growth in any industry. By creating a community of like-minded individuals and companies, we can foster an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration, leading to the development of groundbreaking ideas and technologies. The concept of an innovation cluster is not new, but in recent years the approach has evolved to meet the needs of our modern world.

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In this talk, I will explore the benefits of building a modern innovation cluster and how it can enhance our ability to innovate and succeed. I will discuss the latest trends and technologies that support collaboration, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and connect data points and the growing popularity of virtual and remote networking tools.

I will share insights from successful innovation clusters worldwide, highlighting best practices and strategies applicable to any industry or location. By the end of my talk, you will clearly understand how to build and grow a modern innovation cluster and its potential impact on your business and industry. Start your cluster journey by contacting me today!

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Quality and Leadership Expert, Change Agent, Study Director, Project Manager,
and Thought Leader in talent, product, and leader development

Katrina Rogers is a change expert with over 25 years of experience in discovering, developing, and manufacturing medicines and related technologies. An expert in laboratory and technical operations, she is also an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence and Pharmaceutical GMP Professional. She is an adjunct faculty member in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane and is active in the local bioscience industry. Katrina is the CEO of Evergreen Bioscience Innovation, a modern innovation cluster focused on expanding life science contract research in the Northwest. Her executive services firm specializes in helping entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders change the world with their new medicines and medical devices.


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