About Katrina Rogers

Katrina empowers others to achieve their big ideas. The way she empowers others is by listening to ideas, asking challenging questions, and building teams. Katrina excels in leader, talent, product, and ecosystem development.

**Board Member and Former CEO, Evergreen Bioscience Innovation Cluster**

Katrina leads the Evergreen Bioscience Innovation Cluster, a Washington state-wide economic development initiative to fill supply chain gaps in pharma and medical devices. We strengthen our industry in our region from a growing and economically attractive Eastern Washington home base. Evergreen Biosciences Innovation identifies and addresses challenges to deliver world-class pharma and medical products discovery, development, and manufacturing services.

**National Advisory Board Member, Biotility**

At Biotility, Katrina supports biotechnology and bioscience talent development as a strategic advisor, mentor, and advocate for the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE). She verifies and validates new questions with her fellow Board members during the annual exam refresh and works with Biotility to validate the exam categories and standards every three years.

**Former Board Member, Life Science Washington Institute**

The Life Science Washington Institute is a non-profit organization chartered out of Life Science Washington to support and develop the entrepreneurial community. Its mission is to help life science researchers, entrepreneurs, and companies bridge the gap between discovery and commercialization. Katrina was a board member from January 2022 to December 2023.

About Katrina Rogers Consulting

Katrina Rogers Consulting is committed to helping people change the world. We help people by finding astute solutions to their business problems. We are management consultants with a focus on medicines and medical devices.

We believe that there are people out there with big ideas, ideas that can change the world. These people dream of a medical device or medicine that will have a positive impact. The problem is they are stuck. Whether it’s problems with their idea, their process, their business, or regulations, they need help getting to the next stage.

Our team understands the regulations, science, and technology behind your medicine or medical device. We can assess your current and future stage gates and the data you need to meet your next financial or regulatory milestone. Medical product development is a long game, and we are here to provide astute solutions to move your medical products from bench to bedside.

Katrina Rogers Consulting was founded by Katrina Rogers who is a change expert with over 24 years of experience in the discovery, development, and manufacture of medicines and related technology. An expert in laboratory and technical operations, she is also an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence and Pharmaceutical GMP Professional. Her professional services firm specializes in dramatically decreasing the cost and time of bringing new therapies to the market.

What People Are Saying about Katrina Rogers

Richard Giersch

President and Executive Director, Life Science Washington Institute

Gary Ballew, CEcD

Vice President of Economic Development, Greater Spokane Incorporated

VMRD did have success with the viral transport media! We have a few new products that we’re working on, but none under the FDA umbrella. If we delve into that market again or other new territories, we will happily reach out to you. I appreciate the great assistance with all the FDA/medical device questions/help we needed!

Shelly Howenstine

VP of Quality, VMRD, Inc.

Katrina Rogers utilized her expertise in strategic planning to work with our team and community stakeholders to develop a strategic goal statement and core directional choices in connecting K-12 student candidates with the biomed/tech industries in career launch opportunities. This process resulted in a clearly defined map providing guidance for focusing our efforts over the next 2 years. Through these efforts, stakeholders have been identified as well as core directional strategies determined for each stakeholder audience. Katrina’s process includes important aspects of assessment and improvements as we work to create a positive feedback loop with our stakeholders.

Meg Lindsay

Director of Education and Talent, Greater Spokane Inc./Spokane STEM Network

Katrina always handles the ever-changing environment of the CMO business with professionalism and a positive attitude. She learned the keys to pharmaceutical quality excellence quickly and is an asset to the laboratory as a whole.

Barbara Berglund

COO, CMC Turnkey Solutions

Katrina Rogers is an outstanding technical director for DMPK. I have worked with her over the last 6 years and during that time have been privileged to see her make the transition from being a top-notch manager to a very effective and influential technical director. She has established herself as an important member of our Pharmacology technical directors’ team over this last year through her conscientious efforts. Utilizing her understanding of Operations, Katrina has expanded her role as technical director to include a more global view of our Customers’ overall needs. This has greatly empowered her to proactively seek out solutions for her Clients and colleagues. Katrina has also taken her commitment to great Customer Services to a new level of understanding as she seeks to provide both innovative and strategic solutions for both her clients as well as for MDS Pharma Services. We need more people like Katrina who can come up with the “Win-Win” solutions!

Paul Hara

Senior Director of Operational Strategy and Planning, Covance

Katrina Rogers can deliver. She knows her science. She is an excellent manager. She is no-nonsense and professional at all times. She does not engage in work that doesn’t add organizational value. She holds others to high standards, and is valuable in bringing positive organizational change.

Kim Black-Washington

Account Director, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Katrina is extremely detail-oriented and has very strong work ethics. She is a great scientist and a very fair manager. She is also very proactive in areas outside of her job duty to facilitate the positive growth of the company. I completely enjoy working with Katrina and view her as a tremendous asset of our team.

Susan Wang

Commercial Development Asia Pacific, BTG